Monday, March 5, 2018

When I was dead eight minutes.

Last month, at Saturday, February 24, 2018, I got baptized in the mormon church here in Faro, Portugal.

Earlier in my life I have always been an atheist and laughed at everything that has to do with religion - I have alway taken for granted that the brain and the soul is exactly the same thing.

Until March 3, 2012.

I happened to step on a snake, and the snake - that appearantly did not like to be strepped upon - bite me.

What happened next was that I died, and was dead for eight minutes - until the nurse in the ambulance succeeded to take me back to life again.

For eight minutes my heart did not beat, I did not breath - and there was no electric activity in my brain eiether.

I was dead, my heart was dead and my brain was dead.

But I still existed.

I came to a place where it was completely black and silent, and best way to describe it was positively that I was like an astronaut with no body in a univerese with no stars - but I could still think and remember everything, and i knew I was dead.

And one thing is for sure - a dead brain can not think and remember.

So - first time in my life - I realized that the brain ant the soul is not at all the same thing.

And it turned my picture of the world straight upside down.

The second thing I realized was that the soul could not be created by evolution - a soul that leaves the body and continous to live after death could never be an advantage for species that needed to survive and reproduce.

And the third thing I realized was that the soul could not be made of materea or energy.

The universe is made of two things - elemenary particles, which means materea, and electromagnetic waves, that means energy in form of light, radio waves, heat or other type of radiation.

If the soul was made of materea it would be either solid, liquid or gas.

If the soul was solid and made by - example - aluminium, we would positively notice when it left the body.

And if it was made by liquid it would float away and make the floor wet, and a soul made of gas would just drift away with the wind.

If a human, an amimal or a machine can not be made of liquid or gas and hang together, live and function a soul can not either.

And if it was made of energy it would disappear with the speed of light in all directions - energy that is not bound up in elementary particles will always vanish into empty space with the speed of light.

So - if the soul is not made of materea or energy it has to be made of a third element.

But if there was three elements instead of two - materea and energy and a third element - all scientific theories and everything we know about the universe and the laws of nature would be wrong.

So - I had to realize that the soul had nothing to do with the universe, the materea, the energy, the evolution or the laws of the nature.

It had to be something completely different - something that is not a part of the universe, and does not obey the laws of the nature.

In that case it could not be created by big bang or evolution - it simply had to be created by a creator, or a God.

After I had been dead I said to my friends:

I can tell all religions in the world - an all atheists in the world - that they are completely wrong. The soul exists, so there has to be a God or creator - but there is nothing after death, nothing at all, it is just black and silent and - in fact - rather peaceful. But you will still be alive and able to think and able to remember everything that have happened in your life.

And three years later when I first time met the mormon missionaries I could not tell them they are wrong.

The Book Of Mormon does not say anybody goes directly to heaven or hell - when your soul leaves the body there will be black and silent, but you will still exist and be able to think and remember.

What comes next comes much much later, and at the same time for us all.


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