Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Monte, Argentina - Thanks a lot for all congratulations!

Thanks a lot for all congratulations - spasibo / spasiba / spasib / thanks / danke / tack / takk / tak / taksi / shokran / merci / obrigado / gracias / grazie / grat / !!!

Thanks a lot for all congratulations - spasibo / spasiba / spasib / thanks / danke / tack / takk / tak / taksi / shokran / merci / obrigado / gracias / grazie / grat / !!!

A lot of friends everywhere has sent me gratulations -
so I say thanks in all languages I know how to say thanks in:

spasibo / spasiba / spasib / thanks / danke / tack / takk / tak / taksi / shokran / merci / obrigado / gracias / grazie / grat / !!!

(spasibo is russian / spasiba is ucranean / spasib is belarussian / thanks is english / danke is german / tack is swedish / takk is norwegian / tak is danish / taksi is finnish / shokran is arabic / merci is french / obrigado is portugese / gracias is spanish / grazie is italian / grat is baskeano)


Monte, Argentina - me, myself and I - only half-way to 124 years old.

This is me, myself and I.
Today I am 62 years old - or 62 years young.
I am still very young and beautiful, only half-way to 124 years old.

Also have a look at:

Flickr - my 28 490 photos from all over the world.


Saturday, April 25, 2020

Mark Zuckerberg is an odd fellow.

Again and again and again and again - blocked on facebook for no reason at all!

This is what they wrote:

Facebook Blocks
To help keep Facebook safe, we sometimes block certain content and actions. If you think we’ve made a mistake, please let us know. While we aren’t able to review individual reports, the feedback you provide will help us improve the ways we keep Facebook safe.
Please explain why you think this was an error

My answer: - why is that against community standard? Is it ONLY allowed to say that NASA never landed on the moon? HOW SICK CAN FACEBOOK BE?


Thanks for taking the time to submit a report.
Learn more about what happens when you’re blocked or if your content was removed.

I can not find anything pornographic on NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) homepage, can you?

Is a naked moon pornographic?

I do not think so.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks so.

What is your opinion?

Is a naked moon pornography?

I think Mark Zuckerberg needs to see a doctor - he is an odd fellow!


I soon think we all have to stay indoors because lunatic Mark Zuckerberg does not want anyone to see the naked, pornographic moon - it wouldn't even surprise me!

If you post a link to NASA homepage and get blocked for PORNOGRAPHY - link to a page that contains pornographic(!) matereal - you know something is dead wrong!

I guess Mark Zuckerberg really, really needs to see a doctor!

He is completely insane!

The lunatic is on the ground, meet you at the dark side of the moon!



About the video somebody posted on my timeline:

Thanks for video!

I believe half of it, half not - if all was wrong i would remove it.

Watch - but only believe 50%!

- and I think Zuckerberg made a mistake

- to trust Artificial Intelligence for censorship!

People are smarter than machines!

May God forgive Mark Zuckerberg, because he did not know what he was doing!

Earth is flat, pigs can fly and Artificial Intelligence is safe!

Why is an Apple car so dangerous? Because it has no WINDOWS!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Something to think about ...

If Hansen's pig lays an egg in Jensen's garden, is it then Hansen or Jensen who owns the egg?

And if a German airplane that is made in France and has a Spanish pilot and is full of passengers from Portugal crashes on the border between Sweden and Norway, where will the surviving passengers then be buried if it is only a Danish rescue team with Dutch equipment that first arrives at the place where the airplane crashed?

Once upon a time at a restaurant in Wuhan ....


-A plate of bat soup, please!

-Of course.

-How much does it cost?

-The entire world, forever!

Curfew? Do not worry - take it cool - you will not die from starvation.

Do not get panic if you suddenly get 30 days curfew to exterminate corona.

It takes much more than 30 days to die from starvation.

This is what we learned in swedish military:

For a young healthy 70 kg person it takes about twelve months to die from starvation, for an old weak 70 kg person it takes about ten months to die from starvation.

When jews were liberated from kz-camps a large number of survivors had lived only from water for twelve or thirteen months.

The world record - from Guinnes Book Of Records - was a 370 kg man in Munich, Germany that lived only from water exactly ten years.

After ten years his body weight was 70 kg.

The doctors were deeply concerned all the time - and regularily took blood tests - because he did not even eat vitamine pills, but - amazing enough - his blood had no lack of vitamines whatsoever.

His enormous fat layer appearantly contained all he needed.

The human body has spare supply for a year of everything except protein, vitamin C and kalories.

Iron and vitamin D - no worry - the body has spare supply for three years.

If you starve - after a month your body has to break down muscle protein to support brain and vital organs.

After three months you run out of vitamin c, but symptoms comes after six or eight months.

A lot of people have been hunger-striking for six or nine months without damaging their bodies.

Stay calm - you survive!

curfew always helps

Have a look at those curves - curfew always helps!

Please do not believe everything Satan Lucifer tells you!

Please remember - Satan Lucifer is always lying!

He has always lied about everything!

But if you do your best to protect youself, God will always help you.

Please stay safe, and remember that God loves you!

Monday, April 13, 2020

once infected - soon dead

Almost all countries have done the same thing - given up, and realized that there will be no survivors at all - no matter what they do.

People get well, sick again and die - the virus will always hide in the skeleton and reinfect.

Once infected, soon dead - that is the terrible truth.

Out of 11 840 infected in UK three weeks ago 10 634 are dead now three weeks later, the rest of them still sick!

I find it very, very scaring - the 100 000 that are infected now in UK will positively go the same way rather soon.

And what about next mont, next month, next month ... what do you think ... ???

Rather scary, isn't it?

how to make people stay home

selfies - me, myself and I.



Facebook is full of the most fantastic, spectacular and unbelieavable things - a cat sleepin on top of a dog, a cat and an owl that are best friends, a guy on a bicylcle on top of a very high chimney - and a lot of photos and videos of ghosts, poltergeist, flying saucers, aliens, completely unknown species of animals, Mister Bigfoot himself and God knows what.

And one thing is 100% for sure - such things does not exist in reality.

Once up on a time the camera was never lying, and now a days the camera is always lying - we live in a world where a five year old with a laptop can do all the tricks and stunts that only Hollywood could do five years ago, and even if I spend an entire day on facebook I am 100% sure that I can not find as much as a real photo or a real video, that has not been photo-shopped.

A lot of beatutiful photos from fantastic places that - for sure - never has existed, how much is it worth?

And - at the same time - photos and videos from terrible war crimes in Palestine, Ukraine and Sudan are always instantly blocked and removed by Mark "Zucker" Zuckerberg.

Because he wants to protect you from reality - only the most sugar-sweet photo-shopped fairy tales seems to be allowed on facebook now a days!

If some victims in a war zone wants to post some photos from a bomb raid on facebook, and not get it blocked and removed, they positively have to use photo-shop and put Cinderella, Donald Duck, Fred Flintstone and some ghosts and flying saucesrs in the middle of the photos before posting - not to get it removed by Mark Zucker!

And please do not think that coronavirus does not exist - or that 5G or small green aliens or pigs from an alternative universe soon will kill us all!

Coronavirus exists, and it is extremely dangerous!

Dear friends - please read Lancet Medical Journal, Scientific American, New Scientist, Sputnik News, The Paper, South China Morning Post, Hanoi Morning News, Times Of India, Vietgiaitri Hanoi Magazine and Tibet Morning Post - and think for yourself - and do not ONLY read flatearthers "nobody landed on the moon" idiot news on facebook!

Let there be light ...

Jehovah said "let there be light",
and Lucifer created electric light and nuclear power plants and said
Let there be
Windscale (England 1957),
Ågestaverket (Sweden 1969),
Harrisburg (USA 1979),
Chernobyl (Soviet Union 1986),
Fukushima (Japan 2011)
and plutonium and sick people everywhere in the world!

closed borders

Sorry - Jehova and Lucifer have agreed to close the borders to Heaven and Hell because of the corona crisis.

This is the border guards at the checkpoint between Heaven and Hell - all dead souls are instantly sent to a refugee camp in Sweden instead.

coronavirus patent


But - as usual - there is a natural explanation.

All normal cool or flu virus are different types of coronavirus - there is more than a million types of coronavirus and they were there billions of years before mankind.

To make a vaccine you have to identify the DNA of a virus.

When that is done, you have to patent the detected DNA code to get it approved by WHO.

There is thousands of coronavirus patents - some of them more than 100 years old.

Only the new coronavirus SARS-COV-2 that gives you the sickness COVID-19 is 100% deadly - no other type of coronavirus has ever killed more than one out of ten thousand.

Corona is the new name for The Black Death (1344-1351) - same goddam virus.

The Black Death also came from bats in Wuhan Walley.

Good advice: Do not eat bat soup!

The Koran

The problem is not islam - the problem is salafism, that has nothing at all to do with islam.

In Saudi-arabia, year 1720, a group of complete lunatics wrote three extremely dangerous books - Hadittan (Al Hadit), The Biography Of Mohamed, and The Book About Traditions - those three books are terrorist handbooks!

Emmanuel Macron said:

They should take all muslims to school, and force them to learn what the Quran really says!

First of all - violence, even in self defense, has always been strictly forbidden in islam.

On the way from Mekka to Medina, Mohamed and his crowd was attacked by catholic cross knights, that started to kill them - and Mohamed said:

We must kill those dogs, before they kill the rest of us!

Yes - he got panic, and happened to break his own rules.

Besides that - Mohamed has never been married, or had a sex life.

A nine year old pearl was a pearl, not a wife - he put the pearl in his pocket and went further ...

Mohamed was a salesman, he traded with coffee, tea, species and cannabis - and at that time pearls was what they used instead of money.

And he had four female emplyees in his house - but no wife, not one of his female employees ever got pregnant - how comes, when condoms were not invented yet?

Circumcision is strictly forbidden in Quran, more than one wife is also forbidden.

The basic rule in Quran:

All living beings - a tree, a flower, an animal, an enemy in a war, is your own brothers and sisters - because you do have the same father, Allah - and you must treat all living beings as your own brothers and sisters.

The next verse in the Quran is about the thirsty man in the desert - that shared his last cup of tea with a flower - because the flower was his own brother - they had the same father - Allah.

The thirsty man in the desert was Mohamed.

Quran about violence:

If somebody kills your brother - you must forgive him, kiss his feet and tell him that you love him - because he is also your own brother, you do have the same father - Allah!

And the Bible says that you must love your enemies - but in Belfast catholics and protestants have been killing each other for more than 500 years!

Unfortunately there is idiots and psychopats inside all religions!

And - in reality - violence, even in self defence, has always been strictly forbidden in all religions - but people keep on killing each other about religions.

Quran does not say females must wear a veil or burka.

The Quran says:

If a woman is naked in the bathroom, and a man suddenly comes in - it may be a good idea that she hides her hair behind a towel, not to wake his sexual instincts.

It was - for sure - not about the hair on her head, but about the hair one meter further down!

But against stupidity even Allah and Mohamed are fighting in vain!

And - Quran about alcohol:

Alcohol is the mother of all bad people, and it may be a good idea to avoid alcohol.

I can only agree.

Al Quran

المشكلة ليست الإسلام - المشكلة هي السلفية ، التي لا علاقة لها على الإطلاق بالإسلام. في المملكة العربية السعودية ، عام 1720 ، قامت مجموعة من المجانين الكاملين بكتابة ثلاثة كتب خطيرة للغاية - حديث (الحديث) ، سيرة محمد ، وكتاب عن التقاليد - هذه الكتب الثلاثة هي كتيبات إرهابية! قال إيمانويل ماكرون: يجب أن يأخذوا جميع المسلمين إلى المدرسة ، ويجبروهم على معرفة ما يقوله القرآن حقًا! بادئ ذي بدء ، كان العنف ، حتى في الدفاع عن النفس ، ممنوعًا دائمًا في الإسلام. في الطريق من مكة إلى المدينة ، تعرض محمد وحشده للهجوم من قبل فرسان الصليب الكاثوليك ، وبدأوا في قتلهم - وقال محمد: يجب أن نقتل تلك الكلاب ، قبل أن يقتلوا البقية منا! نعم - لقد أصيب بالذعر وكسر قواعده الخاصة. بالإضافة إلى ذلك - لم يسبق أن تزوج محمد أو كان لديه حياة جنسية. كانت اللؤلؤة البالغة من العمر تسع سنوات لؤلؤة ، وليست زوجة - لقد وضع اللؤلؤة في جيبه وذهب أبعد من ذلك ... محمد كان بائعًا ، وتاجر مع القهوة والشاي والأنواع والقنب - وفي ذلك الوقت كان اللؤلؤ هو ما تستخدم بدلا من المال. وكان لديه أربع إمبراطوريات في منزله - ولكن لا توجد زوجة ، ولا واحدة من موظفاته حملت على الإطلاق - كيف يحدث ، عندما لم يتم اختراع الواقي الذكري بعد؟ الطلاق ممنوع في القرآن ، كما يحظر على أكثر من زوجة. القاعدة الأساسية في القرآن: جميع الكائنات الحية - شجرة ، زهرة ، حيوان ، عدو في الحرب ، هم إخوتك وأخواتك - لأن لديك نفس الأب ، الله - ويجب أن تعامل جميع الكائنات الحية على أنها إخوتك وأخواتك. الآية التالية في القرآن تدور حول الرجل العطشى في الصحراء - الذي شارك كوبه الأخير من الشاي مع زهرة - لأن الزهرة هي أخوه - ولهما نفس الأب - الله. الرجل العطشى في الصحراء هو محمد. القرآن عن العنف: إذا قتل شخص أخاك - يجب أن تسامحه ، قبله وأخبره أنك تحبه - لأنه هو أيضًا أخوك ، فلديك نفس الأب - الله! ويقول الكتاب المقدس أنه يجب أن تحب أعدائك - ولكن في بلفاست الكاثوليك والمتظاهرين يقتلون بعضهم البعض منذ أكثر من 500 عام! لسوء الحظ هناك أغبياء ووسطاء نفسيين داخل جميع الأديان! و - في الواقع - كان العنف ، حتى في الدفاع عن النفس ، ممنوعًا دائمًا في جميع الأديان - لكن الناس يواصلون قتل بعضهم البعض بشأن الأديان. القرآن لا يقول أن على الإناث ارتداء لحم العجل أو البرقع. يقول القرآن: إذا كانت المرأة عارية في الحمام ، ودخل الرجل فجأة - قد يكون من الجيد أن تخفي شعرها خلف منشفة ، وليس لإيقاظ غرائزه الغريبة. لم يكن - بالتأكيد - عن الشعر الموجود على رأسها ، بل حول الشعر على بعد متر واحد إلى أسفل! لكن ضد الغباء يقاتل الله ومحمد عبثا! و - القرآن عن الكحوليات: الكحوليات هي أم جميع الأشرار ، وقد يكون من الجيد تجنب الكحوليات. يمكنني الموافقة فقط.


The average IQ for black africans is 95 - only 5% lower than ours, but at the type of IQ test they use in Africa - that does not go on progressive matrices, but labyrints and to find ways in or out of complex patterns and labyrints - their IQ is 5% higher that ours.

Due to Bell Curve their IQ is 59 or 65 or something - but ALL IQ-tests used in Bell-curve came from the testing of people before compulsary military service!

If you live in a dictatorship you hate, that is always in war with their neighbours - would you like to go to war for them?

My own IQ test for military service in Sweden was IQ 0 - ZERO - out of ALL 40 questions (a, b or c) I succeeded to check ALL boxes wrong!

They could instantly see that I had cheated - so I became a soldier, in spite that my IQ was ZERO!

A lot of people did the same thing ... In Denmark, 70% of all black africans fail the IQ-test for the military service - but only 2% of them fail the IQ test for the university - despite the IQ-test for the university is much more difficuld and complicated!

ex oriente lux

Wuhan is the oldest city in China.

This poem was written in Wuhan 6000 years ago - when our own ancestors still lived in caves:


Before the eyes can see
in the precense of the light
they must have lost their ability to shed tears.

Before the ears can hear
in the precense of the light
they must have lost their sensitivity.

Before the mouth can speak
in the precense of the light
it must have lost its ability to hurt other peoples feelings.

Before the soul can stand
in the precense of the light
its feet must be washed in the blood from its own heart.


The light was their God - a gigantic dragon that created China.

And the poem - often known as the "ex oriente lux" poem - was the basic rule for their dragon-religion.

In fact one of the most beautiful things I have ever read!

dogs and cats and bats and rats

Humans can infect cats and dogs, but cats and dogs can not infect humans.

They can get infected if you have the virus - but they can not infect you.

Virus infects from humans to dogs and cats - but not from dogs or cats to humans.

Humans sheds virus when breathing, but dogs and cats don't.

You only have to watch out for humans, rats and mosquitoes - only humans and rats sheds virus when breathing, and mosquitoes may infect you in case you get stung.

Earth is flat, pigs can fly and 5G is dangerous ...


OK - I believe you - earth is flat, pigs can fly and 5G is dangerous ...

5 g. Is dangerous.

yes - because it makes it possible for people to watch videos on facebook and driving their goddam cars at the same time - often straight in to a tree ...

How comes people are afraid of 0.1 watt 5G towers, but not their own 1000 watt microwave ovens - that runs on the same frequencies, 5 - 6 cm wavelength - and a square meter of sunshine contains 200 or 300 watt microwaves, same microwave frequencies ... do you realize that you have ten thousand 5G towers in your kitchen, and use them every time you heat your food?

Besides that - I am a nurse, and an electronic engineer - eight years on technical school - and I have been a radio amateur all my life, I always used to run 12 kW (12 000 watt) on 14 MHz - 20 meter band - and sit one meter - three feet - away from my antenna.

No danger at all.

What is your education, and how much do you know about electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves SHORTER than light (x-ray, gamma) are called radiation and may be harmful in high dose long time exposure - but all wavelenghts LONGER than light are less harmfull than common light - microwaves are a million times longer than light, and ABSOLUTELY not a type of "radiation"!

And a weaponized crowd control system is 10 000 watt - like 100 000 5G-towers.

The weaponized crowd control systen heats up your skin - a one second 10 000 watt pulse - like getting a shower with boiling water for one second.

Extremely painful, but normally does not give permanent scares.

10 000 watt common light would be MUCH more dangerous!

Dead birds on the street in Italy - and some complete idiot think it is because of "microwave radiation".

Dead birds?

Small wonder - when everyone give up feeding the birds, and put rat poison out on the streets everywhere to get rid of rats - birds eat rat poison and die.

And when they spray the streets with pesticides - because corona can infect from human to human via mosquitoes - it is no good for the birds either.

Besides that - if birds get scared in the middle of the night, and do not have light enough to see where to land - they may fly in to buildings and die.

Here is no mobile towers at all - but I haven't seen a bird for months, except some dead birds on the street.

They have to get rid of rats and mosquitoes to protect people from corona - it kills the birds as well.

Goddam flat earthers - they should be locked up some place - how can they be so goddam stupid?

Donnie Palmer: This is one of the most intelligent explanations I have read so far. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I applaud your lucid presentation. I stopped trying to reason with people from a scientific perspective but gave up long ago. You know - here in Queensland Australia we do not have daylight saving in summer. It went to a referendum and all the farmer's wives up north campaigned against "Daylight Saving" because they said their curtains would fade with the longer hours of sunlight. I kid you not - this is a true story and we're dealing with the same mentality here

Yes - and guess who invented the 5g-scare bullshit? Flat Earth Society - with members ALL AROUND THE GLOBE - EVEN IN AUSTRALIA! They believe that eart is flat, and that Australia does not exist - same members, same leader as 5G revolution team. How can 5G be dangerous in Australia, an island that does not exist? Just have a look at their website - Flat Earth Society - with members ALL AROUND THE GLOBE - EVEN IN AUSTRALIA! Those people are idiots!

But coronavirus is extremely dangerous - please stay safe!


God is almighty, but it does not mean that he has unlimited power - it only means that he has all types of power, everywhere - but his power is not unlimited.

The devil - or Satan Lucifer - also has a lot of power.

Have you read The Apocryph, that was outlawed at a catholic church meeting in Rome year 400 A. D. (after christ) ... ?

This is what The Apocryph says:

God created the universe in six days, and rested at day seven.

And at day eight he created Satan Lucifer - the archangel of light - and asked him to run the world for a while when he was resting.

He gave Satan Lucifer power equal to his own power, the same amount of power as his own power, and a free will.

But Satan Lucifer decided to be evil, start a war and take over Jehovas place.

First war in heaven was won by Satan Lucifer, Jehova was sent to prison for sixty days - and in sixty days Satan Lucifer created ten times more evil things than all the good things Jehova created in six days.

Second war in heaven was started by angel Peter, 144 000 angels against 200 000 of Satan Lucifers demons.

Peter won the war, Satan Lucifer was sent to prison, Jehova was liberated - and it will be a struggle until the end of the time against all evil things Satan Lucifer created in sixty days.

But a day can be thousands of years - and thousands of years can be a day ...