Monday, April 13, 2020


Do you think it is "just the flu?

Then check Wuhan Archeologic Foundation - their monthly magazine from september 2019.

Two people in Wuhan were sick after bat soup - with symptoms similar to The Black Death, that also came from bats in Wuhan Walley - 1344.

They digged up a number of plague graves from the 14:th century - and found exactly the same virus hidden in several skeletons from 1344 - DNA-match 100%.

Government then tried to avoid panic, and desperately looked for anyone that had been eating bat soup at the same restaurant.

Then all was cool - until five new cases showed up in november 2019.

Xi Jiping decided they had to keep it secret - if all people in Wuhan fled to the rest of China it would soon be everywhere.

A whistleblower was arrested from 1 - 31 December.

With 42 new cases in december - and no survivors - the whistle blower was released, and on January 1, 2020 Xi Jiping stood on TV in his newyear-speach and warned abour a plague "thousand times worse than the plague, the black death, smallpox and spanish disease counted together - and even worse than the devil himself, it can exterminate us all" - for sure they got warned.

It is NOT CHINA saying "it is just a flu".

People use to get well, sick again and die - because the virus will always hide in your skeleton and infect you again.

So far nobody have survived more than sixty days.

And all talk about old people and underlying conditions?

They count high blood pressure as an underlying condition.

But who the hell does not get nervous and get a high blood pressure when hit by corona?

Seen away from high blood pressure, only 20% had underlying conditions.

Globally 40% of all deaths have been less than 50 years old.

FIVE of the players in Iran's national football team are dead from corona - young, strong, rich, very healthy and died.

Globally 4400 children less than nine years old are dead from corona.

But of course Xi Jiping lied - how can The Black Death be 1000 times worse than The Black Death?

Well - maybe because EXAGGERATIONS makes it easier for people to understand and obey.

Xi Jiping has done all he can to create AS MUCH PANIC AS POSSIBLE and western governments want to avoid panic - "it will only cause riots, loting and civil war" ....

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