Monday, April 13, 2020

Earth is flat, pigs can fly and 5G is dangerous ...


OK - I believe you - earth is flat, pigs can fly and 5G is dangerous ...

5 g. Is dangerous.

yes - because it makes it possible for people to watch videos on facebook and driving their goddam cars at the same time - often straight in to a tree ...

How comes people are afraid of 0.1 watt 5G towers, but not their own 1000 watt microwave ovens - that runs on the same frequencies, 5 - 6 cm wavelength - and a square meter of sunshine contains 200 or 300 watt microwaves, same microwave frequencies ... do you realize that you have ten thousand 5G towers in your kitchen, and use them every time you heat your food?

Besides that - I am a nurse, and an electronic engineer - eight years on technical school - and I have been a radio amateur all my life, I always used to run 12 kW (12 000 watt) on 14 MHz - 20 meter band - and sit one meter - three feet - away from my antenna.

No danger at all.

What is your education, and how much do you know about electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves SHORTER than light (x-ray, gamma) are called radiation and may be harmful in high dose long time exposure - but all wavelenghts LONGER than light are less harmfull than common light - microwaves are a million times longer than light, and ABSOLUTELY not a type of "radiation"!

And a weaponized crowd control system is 10 000 watt - like 100 000 5G-towers.

The weaponized crowd control systen heats up your skin - a one second 10 000 watt pulse - like getting a shower with boiling water for one second.

Extremely painful, but normally does not give permanent scares.

10 000 watt common light would be MUCH more dangerous!

Dead birds on the street in Italy - and some complete idiot think it is because of "microwave radiation".

Dead birds?

Small wonder - when everyone give up feeding the birds, and put rat poison out on the streets everywhere to get rid of rats - birds eat rat poison and die.

And when they spray the streets with pesticides - because corona can infect from human to human via mosquitoes - it is no good for the birds either.

Besides that - if birds get scared in the middle of the night, and do not have light enough to see where to land - they may fly in to buildings and die.

Here is no mobile towers at all - but I haven't seen a bird for months, except some dead birds on the street.

They have to get rid of rats and mosquitoes to protect people from corona - it kills the birds as well.

Goddam flat earthers - they should be locked up some place - how can they be so goddam stupid?

Donnie Palmer: This is one of the most intelligent explanations I have read so far. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I applaud your lucid presentation. I stopped trying to reason with people from a scientific perspective but gave up long ago. You know - here in Queensland Australia we do not have daylight saving in summer. It went to a referendum and all the farmer's wives up north campaigned against "Daylight Saving" because they said their curtains would fade with the longer hours of sunlight. I kid you not - this is a true story and we're dealing with the same mentality here

Yes - and guess who invented the 5g-scare bullshit? Flat Earth Society - with members ALL AROUND THE GLOBE - EVEN IN AUSTRALIA! They believe that eart is flat, and that Australia does not exist - same members, same leader as 5G revolution team. How can 5G be dangerous in Australia, an island that does not exist? Just have a look at their website - Flat Earth Society - with members ALL AROUND THE GLOBE - EVEN IN AUSTRALIA! Those people are idiots!

But coronavirus is extremely dangerous - please stay safe!

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