Monday, April 13, 2020


The average IQ for black africans is 95 - only 5% lower than ours, but at the type of IQ test they use in Africa - that does not go on progressive matrices, but labyrints and to find ways in or out of complex patterns and labyrints - their IQ is 5% higher that ours.

Due to Bell Curve their IQ is 59 or 65 or something - but ALL IQ-tests used in Bell-curve came from the testing of people before compulsary military service!

If you live in a dictatorship you hate, that is always in war with their neighbours - would you like to go to war for them?

My own IQ test for military service in Sweden was IQ 0 - ZERO - out of ALL 40 questions (a, b or c) I succeeded to check ALL boxes wrong!

They could instantly see that I had cheated - so I became a soldier, in spite that my IQ was ZERO!

A lot of people did the same thing ... In Denmark, 70% of all black africans fail the IQ-test for the military service - but only 2% of them fail the IQ test for the university - despite the IQ-test for the university is much more difficuld and complicated!

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