Thursday, August 10, 2017


I know it sounds a bit stupid, but - in fact - Lucifer scared me away from Portugal!

Yes - in fact - I am not joking - a heatwave called LUCIFER (such a name, are catholics working with weather reports now a days?) scared me away from going to Portugal - there is hot already, and most of south Europe will soon be hit by temperatures over 40 degrees celsius centigrade.

And here - in Denmark - it is hot, and very wet.

Right now I am reading weather reports, and do not know if I want to go north, west, east, south or twelve thousand kilometers straight down to the opposite side of this stupid planet.

But - in fact - Aberdeen seems rather nice, so I positively go there for a while before going to Ermidas do Sado again, but I have to check weather reports, ticket prices and think a bit more - and most important of all - can I trust the weather reports?

Maybe, maybe not, and maybe positively not at all ... ???

To be or not to be, that is the question.

And - for me - to be here, in Aberdeen or in Ermidas do Sado - or not to be here, in Aberdeen or Ermidas-Sado but in Christchurch, Yellowknife or Karasjok instead - that's the question!

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