Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Rodkarsbro, Denmark - sunshine.


You will never believe this story!

Something unbelievable happened today!

If you walk around on a street here in Denmark and see some sharp light on the sky it will positively be a flying saucer from outer space - because sunshine is not very common in Denmark.

But - believe it or not - today we had the first sunshine for more than two months!

I'm home, as usual - Osterled 8 in good old Rodkarsbro, Denmark.

And the last two months the weather has been water down - heavy showers - it has been raining hard all the time.

But today - and at least the next two weeks due to the forecast - we will have sunshine.

It feels like coming directly from Hell to Heaven!

And - if you do not believe the story about sunshine here in Denmark 

(who on earth would believe such a story) 

you can see it here on my blog - those photos were taken today!

Just scroll down and have a look ...



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