Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Open letter to Greta Thunberg (swedish climate activist).

This is what I wrote to Greta Thunberg (swedish climate activist) a few minutes ago:

First of all - there has always been climate changes.

500 years ago we had the "small ice age" with global temperatures in average 11 degrees celsius centigrade lower than today.

There was ice and snow in Rome every winter!

1000 years ago the climate was extremely hot, positively 20 or 30 degrees more than today - the sea level was 60 meters higher, because there was no ice at all on the poles.

10 000 years ago all of Europe and North America was covered by ice - we have always had an ice age every 100 000 years the last 5 billion years - 50 000 ice ages so far - because of regular changes in the sun radiation.

14 000 years ago Greenland was covered by rain forest - temperatures positively 50 degrees higher than today - but the polar bear survived anyway, it has been there for 140 000 years.

And climate hystery has always existed - in 1924 they said it will be no life on earth year 1930, in 1972 they said it will be no life on earth 1982 and 1984 they said it will be no life on earth year 2000.

In year 1998 Al Gore said that the sea levels would be 30 meters higher year 2018 if we did nothing - but sea level has decreased two centimeters every year, and there is much more ice on the poles today than it was 1975 - and 1975 was colder.

The 1990-s was hot, and now it has been cooler - then a bit up and down - as always.

With plastic in the oceans - I can only agree.

But what concerns me most is that there is only oil, coal and uranium left for a few decades - we have used much more than 90% of what was there before the industrial revolution - and not even 5% of it has been replaced with sunpower, windpower, waterpower and geothermic power.

And nobody knows exactly how much is left.

If we run out of oil, coal and uranium earlier than expected - more than half of the world population will freeze or starve to death - that, and not global warning, is - for sure - the largest threat against humankind that has ever existed!

Or what do you think will happen if there - let's say 5 or 10 years from now - suddenly is no more oil, no more coal and no more uranium left in the world?

Then we have no transportation, no food, no heating, no electricity, no water, nothing!

And - about weather and climate:

Weather is the temperature, wind and amount of rain or snow you have now, today - and climate is the average temperature, wind, humidity for a very long time - at least 100 years, one century. 

Some people talk about climate that or that decade - which is dead wrong, at so short time coincidence and natural variations have great importance - you have to measure very exactly every day 24/7 at least 100 years, preferably longer, before you can say anything about the climate. 

If you have 100 extremely hot summers in a row, it may be climate change - but it may also be coincidence. 

If you have 1000 extremely hot summers in a row, you can talk about climate change. 

But 10, 20 or 30 hot summers in a row is - most likely - just a coincidence. 

And everyone is confusing weather with climate - ONE extremely hot summer is absolutely not a change in the climate, but just a change in weather. 

During the last 500 years, there has often been 10 or 20 extremely hot summers in a row - or 10 or 20 extremely cold winters in a row, but the last 100 years have been unusually stable - such things are changes in the weather, and not changes in the climate. 

But 10 000 years ago - when all of Europe and North America was covered with ice - the ice age - was a climate change, and 14 000 years ago - when Greenland was covered by rain forest - was also a climate change. 

A stream of air, or an ocean stream, can change direction and go in the other direction for a decade or two - that is weather change, not climate change. 

But a change in sun radiation that makes global temperatures suddenly increase or decrease 50 or 100 degrees - that is climate change. 

I do absolutely not think that humans or human activity can affect weather or climate - after all we are not gods, but animals - one type of animal among millions of other species. 

All attempts to change - or even predict - weather or climate have always been in vain.


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