Monday, April 13, 2020



Facebook is full of the most fantastic, spectacular and unbelieavable things - a cat sleepin on top of a dog, a cat and an owl that are best friends, a guy on a bicylcle on top of a very high chimney - and a lot of photos and videos of ghosts, poltergeist, flying saucers, aliens, completely unknown species of animals, Mister Bigfoot himself and God knows what.

And one thing is 100% for sure - such things does not exist in reality.

Once up on a time the camera was never lying, and now a days the camera is always lying - we live in a world where a five year old with a laptop can do all the tricks and stunts that only Hollywood could do five years ago, and even if I spend an entire day on facebook I am 100% sure that I can not find as much as a real photo or a real video, that has not been photo-shopped.

A lot of beatutiful photos from fantastic places that - for sure - never has existed, how much is it worth?

And - at the same time - photos and videos from terrible war crimes in Palestine, Ukraine and Sudan are always instantly blocked and removed by Mark "Zucker" Zuckerberg.

Because he wants to protect you from reality - only the most sugar-sweet photo-shopped fairy tales seems to be allowed on facebook now a days!

If some victims in a war zone wants to post some photos from a bomb raid on facebook, and not get it blocked and removed, they positively have to use photo-shop and put Cinderella, Donald Duck, Fred Flintstone and some ghosts and flying saucesrs in the middle of the photos before posting - not to get it removed by Mark Zucker!

And please do not think that coronavirus does not exist - or that 5G or small green aliens or pigs from an alternative universe soon will kill us all!

Coronavirus exists, and it is extremely dangerous!

Dear friends - please read Lancet Medical Journal, Scientific American, New Scientist, Sputnik News, The Paper, South China Morning Post, Hanoi Morning News, Times Of India, Vietgiaitri Hanoi Magazine and Tibet Morning Post - and think for yourself - and do not ONLY read flatearthers "nobody landed on the moon" idiot news on facebook!

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