Monday, April 13, 2020

The Koran

The problem is not islam - the problem is salafism, that has nothing at all to do with islam.

In Saudi-arabia, year 1720, a group of complete lunatics wrote three extremely dangerous books - Hadittan (Al Hadit), The Biography Of Mohamed, and The Book About Traditions - those three books are terrorist handbooks!

Emmanuel Macron said:

They should take all muslims to school, and force them to learn what the Quran really says!

First of all - violence, even in self defense, has always been strictly forbidden in islam.

On the way from Mekka to Medina, Mohamed and his crowd was attacked by catholic cross knights, that started to kill them - and Mohamed said:

We must kill those dogs, before they kill the rest of us!

Yes - he got panic, and happened to break his own rules.

Besides that - Mohamed has never been married, or had a sex life.

A nine year old pearl was a pearl, not a wife - he put the pearl in his pocket and went further ...

Mohamed was a salesman, he traded with coffee, tea, species and cannabis - and at that time pearls was what they used instead of money.

And he had four female emplyees in his house - but no wife, not one of his female employees ever got pregnant - how comes, when condoms were not invented yet?

Circumcision is strictly forbidden in Quran, more than one wife is also forbidden.

The basic rule in Quran:

All living beings - a tree, a flower, an animal, an enemy in a war, is your own brothers and sisters - because you do have the same father, Allah - and you must treat all living beings as your own brothers and sisters.

The next verse in the Quran is about the thirsty man in the desert - that shared his last cup of tea with a flower - because the flower was his own brother - they had the same father - Allah.

The thirsty man in the desert was Mohamed.

Quran about violence:

If somebody kills your brother - you must forgive him, kiss his feet and tell him that you love him - because he is also your own brother, you do have the same father - Allah!

And the Bible says that you must love your enemies - but in Belfast catholics and protestants have been killing each other for more than 500 years!

Unfortunately there is idiots and psychopats inside all religions!

And - in reality - violence, even in self defence, has always been strictly forbidden in all religions - but people keep on killing each other about religions.

Quran does not say females must wear a veil or burka.

The Quran says:

If a woman is naked in the bathroom, and a man suddenly comes in - it may be a good idea that she hides her hair behind a towel, not to wake his sexual instincts.

It was - for sure - not about the hair on her head, but about the hair one meter further down!

But against stupidity even Allah and Mohamed are fighting in vain!

And - Quran about alcohol:

Alcohol is the mother of all bad people, and it may be a good idea to avoid alcohol.

I can only agree.

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