Monday, May 1, 2017

Bilbao is a beautiful town.

This is where I have been so far - this year - year 2017:

1 Grândola, PORTUGAL
2 Vila Verde de Ficalho, PORTUGAL
5 Ermidas do Sado, PORTUGAL
6 Grândola, PORTUGAL
7 Santiago do Cacém, PORTUGAL
8 Vila Nova de Santo André, PORTUGAL
9 Lisboa, PORTUGAL
10 Sines, PORTUGAL
11 Grândola, PORTUGAL
12 Porto Campanha, PORTUGAL
13 Valença, PORTUGAL
14 Vigo Guixar, SPAIN
15 La Coruña, SPAIN
16 El Ferrol, SPAIN
17 Oviedo, SPAIN
18 Santander, SPAIN
19 Astillero, SPAIN
20 Bilbao, SPAIN

Right now I am in nice, beautiful, wonderful town Bilbao at the spanish north coast.

Bilbao is a very beautiful little town, and I gues I'll stay here for a week or a month - or maybe a couple of months, or much longer.

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